A Leader In The HVAC Industry

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) refers to the infrastructure used in preserving a controlled indoor environment in buildings, especially in industrialized countries. The range of units helps retain hot and cold air and generate a high quality of air within rooms.

Ducting companies in UAE rely on certain concepts from the study of physics, such as convection and thermodynamics, to be able to understand and control the flow, temperature, and quality of air.

Prime Air Conditioning LLC has been one of the foremost names in the HVAC industry in UAE and the GCC region, for more than ten years now.

Our air conditioning and treatment products are designed, configured and manufactured using the most reliable sheet metal & linkage equipment. Our products comply with the globally certified quality management system (TQM), and the industry’s technical accreditations.

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  • FIRE/SMOKE DAMPER AIRFOIL BLADE – MODEL 781 & 781-3 CLASS I *781 (1-1/2 HR.) RATED *781-3 (3 HR.) RATED

    FIRE/SMOKE DAMPER AIRFOIL BLADE – MODEL 781 & 781-3 CLASS I *781 (1-1/2 HR.) RATED *781-3 (3 HR.) RATED

    Features – U.L. rated for dynamic closure & leakage CLASS I @ 350oF (176°C) , for use in a 1-1/2 hour (781 Model) or 3 hour (781-3 Model) wall or partition. Meets NFPA 90A & UL555 &...

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  • Standard Attenuator

    Sound Attenuator

    AEROVAC sound attenuator are manufactured in many varieties, module sizes and materials, including no-fill models and models that eliminate acoustical fill entrainment into the air stream. Our industrial silencers are engineered for...

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  • Pressure Independent Variable Air Volume - AV 300 (Series)

    Pressure Independent Variable Air Volume - AV 300 (Series)

    AEROVAC PRESSURE INDEPENDENT TYPE VARIABLE AIR VOLUME MODEL: AV -300 (SERIES)AEROVAC Pressure Independent Type VAV is single duct variable air volume system, controls temperature by varying the supplyair fow rate to each zone.It's also monitor and...

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Manufacturing Facility

Our factory is situated at Dubai Investments Park, with convenient logistical routes to Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Our reach in the GCC has boomed through the extent of coverage, following which we are capable of meeting the needs of customers in central Asia as well.


Our well-rounded supply chain cycle enables us to reduce processing time and ensure prompt delivery. Our initiative and attention-to-detail allow us to meet standards in the US, Britain, and Australia.

To cater to a rapidly growing industry, we have international affiliated offices in the UK and Canada.

Among Ducting Companies: Recognition


Prime is licensed as a manufacturer for major HVAC makers including Safe Air USA, Commercial Acoustics USA, and SPIRO in Switzerland.


Prime A/C is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Representative and product brands (AEROVAC® & FILTRAIRE™) are tested by international labs including Under Writers Laboratory (UL), ETL (INTERTEK), Civil Defense (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar) & major regional bodies.

HVAC Industry Services Roster

Our company believes in manufacturing excellence culminating from co-ordination and high-end management. The importance laid on innovation and preserving our status as a leader in the industry worldwide, and constant strife to develop further, helps us meet the needs of clients, government agencies, and contractors all over the world.

Leading a number of facets of what it means to be a manufacturer has helped spring us to the forefront on the segment. We pledge to give our clients the very best after sales support, a responsive feedback mechanism, and all essential assistance to bring large projects to a close, all within specified time parameters.

We also stock various grades of steel, as per ASTM A 653/ ASTM A 924 lock forming quality grades in coils and sheets. Major brands include Mittal (South Africa), Nippon (Japan), Nisshin (Japan), Hadeed (Saudi Arabia), National Steel, Jindal (India), and aluminum sheets from Hindalco (India).