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Top By Pass Variable Air Volume - AV101 /AV102 Series

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PRIME VAV, run by single drive ON/OFF or Modulating type actuator which controls the bypass port balancing damper.The balancing damper will operate vice versa accordingly to maintain the set volume of air terminal to the conditioned zone, varying amounts of air volumes are delivered to the room as set in room thermostat.

1)  Casing 0.9/1.0 mm ( 20 gauge) thick Galvanized Steel Sheet.

2)  Blade: 1.2mm (18 gauge) thick Galvanized Steel Sheet.

3)  Round Shaft Bar of 12mm Ø Galvanized Steel.

4)  Internal Acoustic Insulation of 12mm thick, 24kg/m3 acoustic liners made of fiber glass with Black tissue facing.

5)  All VAV’s are mechanically sealed and gasketed for air tight construction.

6)  On/Off Type of Actuators, with 230Vac operating voltage will be installed with Digital as a standard supply. 120Vac & 24Vac Operating voltage will be supplied as optional.

7)  Modulating type of control, with DDC, BMS will be supply upon client’s request and optional.

8)  Sound Attenuator’s will be supplied on client’s request for more sound absorption and optional.

9)  All Variable Air Volume are internally lined, sealed and manufactured as per international standards and confirmed to NFPA 90 A and UL 181 standards for erosion.

In order for households to scale up on efficiency and save on energy costs, it is important for today’s buildings to make use of reliable VAV units. These work to not only cut down on money spent on electricity, but respond to user needs that are programmed into thermostats.

We supply Variable Air Volume (VAV) units in Dubai and the GCC region, which are devices that help regulate the flow of air. Each device or model has a different working mechanism and objective, depending on user needs.

Aerovac Pressure Independent VAV – AV 300 Series

The device is a single duct VAV system, which regulates temperature by changing airflow rate. It is also capable of tracking the velocity of air, often at the inlet side.

The damper responds to a signal sent from the thermostat connected with the actuator. Responses to changes in inlet pressure conditions maintain required airflow.

Aerovac Pressure Dependent VAV – AV 200 Series

Pressure Dependent VAV units regulate conditioned airflow to a specific zone, using responses from a modulating thermostat.

Aerovac Bypass VAV With Variable Temperature – AV 101 & 102

The two models have a low and high-pressure construction respectively. The unit is operated by a single drive on and off, or modulating actuator, which controls the bypass port balancing damper.

The damper will operate to maintain the set volume of air to the conditioned zone, and varied air volumes are delivered to the room according to thermostat settings

AV 300 VAV Units Construction

The casing is 0.9/1.0 mm (20 gauge) thick, blades 1.2mm (18 gauge) thick, with a round shaft bar of 12mm, all made of galvanized steel.

The devices have an internal acoustic insulation of 12mm, and 24kg/m3 acoustic liners made of fiberglass with black tissue. The differential pressure grid is made from aluminum, fixed at the Inlet Side of VAV.

Actuators of the modulating type have a 24V ac operating voltage, alongside a digital thermostat, which is standard.

All VAVs are internally lined, mechanically sealed for airtight construction, and manufactured in compliance with international standards.

DDC, BMS & Bacnet, and sound attenuators can be provided on request.

Aerovac Constant Air VAV – AV 400 Series

This device is a type of heating, ventilating & air conditioning system, meant for the purpose of maintaining a steady level of airflow at two different temperatures.

The unit maintains a standard air pressure throughout the system. Constant air volume is made possible through a differential sensing system, through the regulation of the CAV damper.

The differential pressure is measured at the flow grid, and then transmitted to the actuator through a controller. The damper is adjusted, thereby keeping air volume flow stable, according to the set value.

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