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The construction of buildings in the present era makes use of several latest technology methods to help homeowners and workplace managers to prevent a number of incidents that would otherwise occur, especially in developed countries.

The building of residential houses that span more than two floors require planning permission for example, to ensure such homes are safe from mishaps that are common in multiple story houses.


Owing to the amount of resources and money that goes into installing and implementing these regulations, special attention has to be given to the prevention of a fire, which is perhaps the most serious and common unfortunate event any building could face.

Fire Dampers are devices installed inside building vents to prevent exactly such tragedies. It is absolutely crucial that even when certain oversights lead to a flame being exposed, that in the case of a fire in one part of the house, it is prevented from spreading to the other sections, thereby helping to keep damage at a minimum.

Design And Function

Dampers work by restricting the flow of air from some parts of the house to the others and sucking up air, thereby preventing a fire or the smoke from it to reach the walls or other areas using the HVAC system.

Prime Aerovac fire dampers are designed to comply with the requirements of the UL 55 standards, and are tested by UL labs. The FD-11 model is meant to be placed in a HVAC duct mechanism that spans over fireproof walls, and airflow gaps in walls.

Construction of HVAC Fire Dampers

The frame of the damper is made using a durable galvanized iron sheet of a thickness between 1.2 to 1.6 mm.

The blades are designed so as to be interlocking, based on a roll of galvanized steel between 0.8 and 1 mm thick.

The blade ramp consists of a spring holder with galvanized steel that is 1.6mm thick.

The springs are constant force stainless steel, and the fusible links are UL listed, with a fire rating of 165o F/212o F.

FD-11 Fire Damper Features

A number of assurance mechanisms and the use of the best materials and welding parts makes the Aerovac FD-11 Fire Damper model perfect for multipurpose use.

The frame is based on a 1.2 mm – 1.6 mm thick high quality galvanized iron sheet, with welded joints coated with zinc to prevent the advent of rust.

The blades are roll formed using thick galvanized steel, with the interlocking ones having hat-shaped reinforcement ridges that ensure maximum strength.

The blade ramp uses galvanized steel accompanied with springs that are attached securely to the frame, using a riveting procedure.

Constant force stainless steel springs, which are bound tightly with the blade, are entrenched onto the ramp.

Fire Prevention

The blades are sequestered from the general airflow when they are not is use owing to the use of UL listed fusible links, which have a high fire rating.

When the links detect that the temperature has crossed a safety point, the blades are released, pulling down the springs, securing them to a latch.

We supply HVAC fire damper in Dubai and the GCC region. These models have a three-hour rating provided leakage levels are low.

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