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Pressure Independent Variable Air Volume - AV 300 (Series)

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AEROVAC Pressure Independent Type VAV is single duct variable air volume system, controls temperature by varying the supplyair fow rate to each zone.It’s also monitor and respond the velocity of the airfow generally at the inlet side of the VAV.The terminalunit damper is positioned from a signal sent from the zone thermostat through a velocity reset controller of the damper actuator.Then, velocity controller will respond to changes in the inlet pressure conditions to maintain the required airfow.

Construction Details:

  • Casing 0.9/1.0 mm ( 20 gauge) thick Galvanized Steel Sheet.
  • Blade: 1.2mm (18 gauge) thick Galvanized Steel Sheet.
  • Round Shaft Bar of 12mm Ø Galvanized Steel.
  • Internal Acoustic Insulation of 12mm thick, 24kg/m3 acoustic liners made of fber glass with Black tissue facing.
  • Differential Pressure Grid made of Aluminium is fxed at the Inlet Side of VAV.
  • All VAV’s are mechanically sealed and gasketed for air tight construction.
  • Modulating Type of Actuators, with 24Vac operating voltage will be installed with Digital Thermostat as a standard supply.
  • DDC, BMS & Bacnet will be supply upon client’s request and optional.
  • Sound Attenuator’s will be supplied on client’s request for more sound absorption and optional.
  • All Variable Air Volume are internally lined, sealed and manufactured as per international standards and confrmed to NFPA 90 A and UL 181 standards for erosion.

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