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Sand Louvres Purpose and Design (SL - AV 100 series)

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Prime manufacture and supplies Sand Louver which are specially designed for fresh air intake for the HVAC system and to separate sand and dust particles at low air velocities. Prime Sand Louver is used and designed to avoid excessive dust loading of conventional filtration. Prime Sand Louver is effective and necessary to apply for ventilation and inlet ducts of air handling units.

Prime Sand Louver standard construction comes with complete alumimum extruded profiles unit. It is composed of two sets of inverted U channels mounted vertically on two opposites rows. It is corrosion resistant and suitable for different weather conditions.

Prime Sand Louver is fitted with bird wire mesh made of galvanized as standard construction. (Aluminium and Stainless Steel are optional). Installation of Aluminium Washable Filters on the neck of the sand louvers (Optional).

Prime Sand Louver is a self emptying system, it has a set of holes of 20 mm at the bottom face of the casing to discharge separated sand particles.

Blade Model: SL – AV 100 (100mm Blade Depth); SL -AV 150 (150mm Blade Depth)-Optional

Mounting Type: 

A – Wall Mounted Type;

B – Duct Mounted

C – Flushed Mounted Type

Standard Supply: Anodized Aluminium Finished (AF); Galvanized (GI) & Stainless Steel (SS) are optional and available upon request.

Frame : 1.2 mm thickness Extruded Profiled Aluminium Channels.

Blade : 1.0mm / 1.2 mm thickness Extruded/ Roll formed Aluminium Blades.(Standard)

Screen : Bird Wire Mesh (Standard); Insect Screen ( Optional).

Filter : “F” 12mm, 25mm and 50mm thickness Aluminium Washable/Removable Filters are optional.

Supports : Aluminium / Galvanized Steel.

Mounting : Mounting frame angle flange is available upon request.(optional).

Finish : Natural Anodized Aluminium Finished (Standard).

Coating : Sand Louver with Powder Coating Finish is optional.

Construction : Aluminium Construction. ( Standard Supply).

Sand louvres are handy household and building devices, designed to induce the intake of fresh and clean air for the conditioning system. Its primary function is to separate particles of dust and sand at low velocities.

The design prevents the excess accumulation of dust and sand that is bound to be created through the mainstream filtration process.

The sand louver is an essential component of the ventilation and inlet ducts within air handling systems located in buildings.

The standard build comes with a full aluminum extruded profiles unit, and is based on two sets of inverted U channels stacked vertically, on two opposing rows. This segment is resistant to corrosion and is made to function perfectly in several weather conditions.

The louver is based on a bird wire mesh made from galvanized materials in the standard build. Users also have the option to avail aluminum and stainless steel variants. There is also the choice of washable filters installed on the sand louvers for even more fortified protection from the undesired proliferation of dust.

The whole design is based on a self-emptying mechanism, with 20mm gaps at the bottom, to get rid of the trapped sand particles.

Prime Louvre Industrial Specifications

We supply prime louvres in Dubai and the GCC region. These devices are the result of top-notch manufacturing processes and high-quality materials, making them extremely reliable devices for household and office use, warranting very little regular maintenance.

The blade models have a 100mm and 150mm depth respectively.

There are three different types of mounting configurations available: wall, duct, and flushed.

The standard assembly is based on an anodized aluminum finish, while galvanized and stainless steel are optional.

The frame has a 1.2 mm thickness with extruded profiled aluminum channels, while blades are 1.0mm or 1.2 mm thick. Extruded/ roll-formed aluminum blades are standard.

The bird wire mesh screen is standard and insect screen optional.

Filters are 12mm, 25mm and 50mm in thickness, with aluminum washable and removable versions optional.

Sand Louvre Utility

Sand trapping louvers are used as a filter of the first instance in large facilities with air conditioning, in places where environmental air pollution levels are very high.

Even though dust can often be based on particles tiny enough to pass through a filter, the high degree of separation of dust and sand particles ensures the elements are blocked even when there is a dangerous level of these in the air.

The different components and holes within the structure make it capable of being a self-maintaining device, which requires very little looking after.

Even though the device is very useful, it does have a major limiting factor. It is meant to be able to block relatively large particles of impurities at low velocity, and therefore, should not be thought of as an apt replacement for an industrial system that filters the air.

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