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What Does A Smoke Damper Do? – MODEL 621 CLASS I

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A smoke damper is a special device, which plays a part in preventing harm from a fire. When a flame is created and spreads through a building, fabrics throughout the house, and valuables are not the only elements at risk.

In fact, the greatest risk is to human beings themselves, in the form of either affected by the fire and sustaining serious burns, or inhaling smoke and other particles that are dangerous for human lungs.

Smoke dampers are installed in air conditioning vents or inside walls to block the transfer of smoke from where it is coming from, to other sections of the building.

Depending on how dampers are installed within a ventilation system, they can work together to inhibit smoke within the area it is coming from, and mount pressure onto the safe parts of the house, to prevent it from being blown there.

This architecture can also be used to deploy an anti-fire substance into the system, which helps to prevent the transfer of air into the duct, and prevents the substance from being diluted.

The devices are usually sprung into action from being prompted by the fire alarm, which is usually activated once the smoke sensors inside rooms and halls sense heat and go off.

Usually an actuator will be used to close the smoke damper. The combination damper is a variety that couples both preventive functions for higher utility.

We supply smoke damper in UAE and the GCC region. They come with a rating, which denotes how much air leaves the system.

Servicing A Smoke Damper

Building maintenance staff and other controllers must ensure smoke dampers and other devices that a part of the anti-fire architecture are checked properly as regulations state, and are replaced or repaired when found to be unresponsive or deficient.

Most industrialized countries stipulate a timeframe for how often and how long after a new device has been put in place, it should be checked for faults.

Where the regulations are more stringent, they also specify a routine for actuating the damper, and that information be put down regarding the circumstances surrounding an inspection for maintenance purposes.

Prime Smoker Damper Features

Our U. L. rated leakage CLASS I @ 350o F (176°C) smoke damper is complaint with NFPA 90A & UL555S construction standards.

The frame is 4-5/16”(110) deep, using 16 gauge (1.6) galvanized steel.

The blades are 6”(152) wide, made with16 gauge (1.6) galvanized steel.

Blade axles are 7/16”(11) with plated hex bearings which are bronze oil impregnated.

The linkage opposed blade makes use of plated steel, placed inside the jamb. The drive blade has a 1” (25) to 6” (152) extendable shaft to mount operator.

Blade seals are based on extruded silicone, with S.S. side seals

The maximum multiple size of the device is 144”w x 48”h (3658 x 1219), with
one actuator on each section (dynamic rated), also available in the 144”w x 96”h (3658 x 2438) static rated variant.

The maximum UL classified leakage class has a single section assembly of 36”w x 48”h (914 x 1219).

MINIMUM SIZE: 6”w x 6”h (152 x 152)

UNDERSIZED: 1/4”(102) under ordered size unless specified Exact or Actual


OPERATOR: Refer to UL approved actuator chart (Specify external or internal mounting)

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