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The Sound Attenuators Purpose And Variants

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Sound attenuators are advanced devices that are meant to be placed in air conditioning systems to control the transfer of sound. They come in a number of varieties, sizes and materials.

The devices come in four forms; standard, low frequency, packless, and transfer silencers.

Industrial silencers are made to be able to induce HVAC noise control in commercial industrial and institutional applications, including hospital and clean room systems.

Standard Attenuators

These are made to deliver broadband noise reduction.


There are four basic lengths: – 3’, 5’, 7’, and 10’, with units also offered in 4’, 6’, and 8’ variants.


Model HP: High pressure drop unit for system velocity at or near 700 fpm,

Model SP: Standard pressure drop unit for velocities at or near 1,000 fpm.

Model MP: Provides excellent attenuation values and moderate pressure drop at relatively higher velocities.

Model LP: Offers lowest pressure drop for higher velocity systems.


  • Diffusion angle to improve pressure drop
  • Bellmouth entrance to help minimize turbulence
  • 22 gauge minimum galvanized steel casings
  • 24 gauge minimum perforated galvanized baffles
  • Long strand Fiberglass acoustical fill
  • Seams are mastic filled to insure airtight units to 8” w.g.
  • Optional polyethylene, Mylar or fiberglass cloth liners
  • Also Available in S.S. & Aluminum.

Low Frequency Attenuators

Low Frequency attenuators are meant for increased 2nd & 3rd octave band noise reduction, also available in stainless steel or aluminum construction.

The hospital and clean room attenuators are designed especially for sensitive areas needing broadband noise reduction and erosion proof acoustic fill.


Availed in four basic lengths: – 3’, 5’, 7’, and 10’, and 4’, 6’, and 8” variants.


Model HP-LF: High-pressure drop unit for system velocities below 1,000 fpm.

Model SP-LF: Gives excellent low-frequency attenuation values with standard pressure drop at higher air velocities.

Model LP-LF: Offers a lower pressure drop for higher velocity systems.

Packless Sound Attenuators

These contain no absorptive fill or media.


Performance data is provided for three basic lengths – 3’, 6’, and 9’. If you’re looking for packless sound attenuators in Dubai and the GCC region in other variations, contact us for detailed information.


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Model NFS: Standard pressure drop unit for low velocity systems.

Model NFL: Gives lowest pressure drop for higher velocity systems.

Model SS: Single wall units meant for budget-friendly needs to cater to less severe noise problems.

Standard length is twice the diameter (minimum 36”).

Models DS, SDS, and SDS-NB provide improved performance by adding a double wall casing.

Unit width is diameter plus 8”.  Standard unit length is two times the diameter, minimum 36,” plus a 2” long collar on each end.

Packless Circular Attenuator

These are in-line tubular packless (no acoustic fill) devices available in two models.


They come in three basic diameters – 8”, 12”, and 16”.


Model NF SDS-20: Provides excellent attenuation values with a moderate pressure drop for system velocities at or near 1000 fpm.

Model NF SDS-8: Low-pressure drop unit ideally suited for higher velocities at or near 2,000 fpm.

Transfer Silencer: Beyond Sound Attenuators

Noise reduction is a reading representing the difference between sound pressure levels between two rooms, separated by a wall fitted with a transfer silencer.

All standard and custom silencers are available in all construction gauges and material.

Speech Interference Level

This figure represents the average noise reduction in the three speech-interference octave bands 4, 5, and 6 (500, 1000, and 2000 Hz center frequencies, respectively).

Standard Construction Forms

  • Shell – 22 gauge galvanized steel
  • Baffles – 22 gauge galvanized steel
  • Fill – inorganic mineral glass fiber


  • Enables transfer of air between rooms while blocking sound.
  • Available in “T”, “L”, “Z”, & “U” configurations.
  • Used effectively in walls or ceilings where a conventional silencer will not work.
  • Available in all cross-sectional sizes.