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Standard Circular Attenuator

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Models SS is single wall units that provide an economical solution to less severe noise problems. Standard unit length is two times the diameter, minimum 36.”

Models DS, SDS, and SDS-NB provide improved performance by adding a double wall casing. Unit width is diameter plus 8”. Standard unit length is two times the diameter, minimum 36,” plus 2” long collar on each end.

Special features of our Standard Attenuators are:

  • • Radius spun inlet nose on center absorber to provide minimum pressure drop
  • • Available in one inch diameter increments from 10” – 22” and 2” diameter increments from 24” – 60”.
  • • SMACNA galvanized steel gauges for outer casings
  • • 24 gauge minimum perforated galvanized baffles
  • • Long strand Fiberglass acoustical fill
  • • Seams are roll formed and mastic filled to insure airtight units to 8” w.g.
  • • Optional polyethylene, Mylar or fiberglass cloth liners
  • • Also available in SS or Aluminium construction

ASTM E-84 ratings for the acoustical fill are:

  • • Flame spread 15
  • • Smoke Developed 0
  • • Fuel Contributed 0

Performance Data / Testing:

Acoustical performance ratings are based on tests conducted by Intertek Testing Services, formerly ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with ASTM E477 “Standard Method of Testing Duct Liner Materials and Prefabricated Silencers for Acoustical and Airflow Performance.”

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