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Vane Axial Fan Silenser

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The Aerovac Cone Diffuser is specifically engineered for silencing vane axial fans. The diameter of each Cone Diffuser is precisely matched to the manufacturer!s fan size.


ADC = Acoustical Diffuser Cone

AAIC = Advanced Acoustical Inlet Cone

AADC = Advanced Acoustical Discharge Cone



W = Woods Varo foil

G = Green Heck Vane Axial

Outlet Type: 

R = Round Outlet

S = Square Outlet

Special features of our Standard Attenuators are:

  • Reduced turbulence with center pod sized to match axial fan hub
  • Inlet diameter specifically dimensioned to fan manufacturer!s size
  • 18 gauge galvanized casings – 22 gauge perforated cone and center pod
  • Long strand Fiberglass acoustic fill
  • Seams are mastic filled to insure airtight units to 8” w.g.
  • Optional polyethylene, Mylar or fiberglass cloth liner

ASTM E-84 ratings for the acoustical fill are:

  • Flame spread 15
  • Smoke Developed 10

Performance Data / Testing:

Acoustical performance ratings are based on tests conducted by Intertek Testing Services, formerly ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with ASTM E477 “Standard Method of Testing Duct Liner Materials and Prefabricated Silencers for Acoustical and Airflow Performance.”

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