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What A Volume Control Damper Does

Volume Control Damper Dubai
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Aerovac model “AV 11 series” (opposite blade) and “AV 22 series” (parallel blade) rectangular Volume Control Dampers (VCD) with aerofoil blades, are widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems throughout the Middle East and South Asia. Unique construction and manufacturing technique coupled with superior design make the series AV 11 and series AV 22 damper quiet and reliable giving conditioned controlled air volume to various zones.


  • The frame is constructed from galvanized steel sheet.(Also available in aluminium & stainless steel construction available)
  • Blades are coupled by external concealed linkage, which can be provided in either opposed or parallel blade operation.
  • Linkage rods are coupled with hand locking quadrant frame in a closed marking. Hand locking quadrant frame is marked to show exact position of damper
  • Structure is available with flange edge and are supplied undrilled as standard.
  • Designed for HVAC systems.

Dampers are instruments used to influence the in air-controlling systems and structures, including house items such as chimneys, and industrial places such as ducts.


A key use of the device is to be able to prevent conditioned air from moving to a part of the house that no longer requires it. In extension, they can also be used to incrementally control the temperature of each room.


Within use in a chimney, a damper is used to create segregated sections to prevent foreign objects or air from entering the structure. This gives the user the ability to also control the rate at which the fire burns, perhaps helping to curb wood usage.

Volume Control Damper Operation

As with many other areas of use, dampers are high utility devices in chimneys as well, since they are what regulate the flow of air such that the fire burns in a sustainable and harmless way. The regulator is located within the structure itself, usually in the form of a handle.

Damper Controls

The types of dampers that make use of a level or handle are classified as manual, while the ones that have an electrical component involved, such as the commonly used system for air conditioning in most houses, are automatic dampers.

The automatic type has a number of climate control options built within itself for maximum utility and technological benefit.

The Aerovac Volume Control Damper

We manufacture a number of household and industrial dampers that are compatible with local and international industry standards.

Needless to say, one of the key concerns with damper operation is its quiet and smooth operation, which impeccable construction mannerisms help us ensure, is always built into our products.

The Aerovac model AV 11 with an opposite blade structure, and the AV 22, with a parallel blade design are both prime rectangular Volume Control Dampers (VCD) making use of aero foil material.

Both the devices are common in cooling, heating and ventilation structures across the Middle East and South Asia.

Reliable manufacturing processes and assembling technique and a high-quality design make the AV 11 and AV 22 series models utterly silent and reliable, rendering maximum air control options to users.

Aerovac Series Volume Control Damper: Design Specifications

We supply volume control dampers in Dubai and the GCC region, and the following is a list of the product details to help you rest assured regarding their durability.

The frames are made using galvanized steel sheets that are also available in aluminium & stainless steel variants.

The blades in the dampers are linked using external concealed linkage, available in the opposed or parallel operation options.

Linking rods are used alongside a hand-locking quadrant frame within a closed marking. The frame is marked to be able to determine the precise position of the damper.

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